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Cleaning Up Dead Aim's Bruce and Fong Ling by RE15REvisited Cleaning Up Dead Aim's Bruce and Fong Ling by RE15REvisited
Mark-RC97 did all of us Resident Evil fans a favor with his bruce force rips of Dead Aim's Bruce McGivern, Fong Ling, and Morpheus in her female Tyrant form.  However, the resulting ripped models are a bit of a mess.  I've done some preliminary cleanup on both Bruce and Fong Ling, although a lot of issues remain.  At least Bruce doesn't look like he's been dipped in white Karo syrup anymore, and Fong Ling is better scaled.  I fixed the texture issues with Bruce's arms and flashlight so that they're now mapped properly.  I've fixed their hair transparencies which were lacking with the original rips, although the texture maps themselves seem to be screwed up in places (especially with Fong Ling).  Probably an issue with the orignal rips.  I also smoothed both models and resized Bruce's head to get away from his original rip's "big head" look.  I should probably shorten Fong Ling's legs as well, because right now they're even longer than a DOA3 female model. (grin)

Personally, I'd advise a complete rebuild using other models as bases for a better-looking effort.  DOA's Elliot for Bruce and Lei Fang for Fong Ling immediately come to mind, although I'm sure there's other possibilities.  We have the actual outfit and face textures thanks to Mark-RC97's efforts, so that would definitely help.  I don't have the time to do it myself, but I'm throwing the idea out there for all of you XNA custom character artists and DOA "cosplay" fans.

No download -- just the image.
RedfieId Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's cool that someone finally ripped them, despite the low quality and no real demand for them. I'd honestly take those two over Ada & Leon any day.
MrHalfawake Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
This is unironically my favorite RE game 
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